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Understanding Handicap 1 Betting and Best Betting Tips

Handicap 1 is a term that many people will hear when they first learn about football betting and odds. It is an extremely common form of betting in football betting today. So, let's dive into this type of bet with to understand it more thoroughly in today's article.

What is Handicap 1?

Handicap 1 is one of the top forms of Asian betting. This bookmaker's bet is offered to balance the odds between two football teams. This method is highly stimulating to players due to its inherent attractiveness.

In real football, this type of handicap occurs when the favorite team gives a 1-goal advantage to the underdog team. The favorite team is usually the stronger and higher-rated team. From various perspectives, this team is expected to win more easily than the other team.

Before the match begins, the bookmakers will offer appropriate odds. If a player bets on this, the underdog team will be given a 1-goal advantage. Therefore, to win, the favorite team must score at least 2 goals. This is the minimum requirement that players must understand when betting on Handicap 1 in football.

Handicap 1 betting is currently one of the top Asian betting options.

When Does Handicap 1 Occur?

Handicap 1 is highly regarded by many experts when participating in betting at internet bookmaker. The odds for this type of bet will appear in specific cases as follows:

In Case 1: The bettor wins when betting on the favorite team if they win by a margin of 2 goals or more (2-0, 3-1, 3-0, 5-2, etc.). At this point, anyone who bets on the underdog team will lose all their money.

In Case 2: If the match ends with the underdog team conceding only 1 goal, the bookmaker will refund the full amount to the bettor.

In Case 3: Those who bet on the favorite team will lose all their betting money if the underdog team wins. Or if there are no goals scored, naturally, those who bet on the favorite team will lose, and the underdog team will win.

Tips for Winning with Handicap 1 Betting

Once players have a basic understanding of Handicap 1 betting, they can equip themselves with useful knowledge for betting at bookmakers today. When placing bets, players also need some experience to create the easiest winning opportunities:

Choose the favorable side in Handicap 1 betting

As you know, in any match, the home advantage helps the home team to win more easily and stabilize their mentality. Therefore, if there is a Handicap 1, you should choose the team with the home advantage. The chance of winning the bet will be highest without too much worry for the player.

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Conversely, if the underdog team has the home advantage, you need to carefully consider and calculate other factors such as performance, form, starting lineup, etc. From there, make the most accurate decision.

Choosing the favorable betting side is the best experience in betting.

Based on the team's performance

The team's performance is very important in deciding bets for current betting experts. If you are learning about this type of bet, you will surely see that teams with good playing records are often chosen. The higher the form, the better the chance of winning the match.

Observe the fluctuation of odds from bookmakers

When researching all types of bets in general and Handicap 1 odds in particular, players need to observe the odds offered by bookmakers. The betting odds are not fixed but change throughout the pre-match and even during the official match.

Plan your Handicap 1 bets

After understanding specific information about the teams to bet on, players need to make a specific plan. Depending on their financial situation, they can allocate their money reasonably. Some considerations when planning include:

Do not bet too much on one side, just bet a small amount for easier winning.

Allocate money reasonably, so even if you lose, you won't lose too much.

Don't be greedy when you win, as this can easily shake your psychology and lead to mistakes.

Planning your bets will make players more comfortable when betting.

With the information about Handicap 1 betting that bookmakers have shared with you in today's article, hopefully, you will have more knowledge to apply in this betting type most accurately. So, don't hesitate to entertain and earn money at this top, reputable, and high-quality bookmaker.


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