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How to Play Sicbo Online Easily at a Betting House

Sicbo Online is currently the most sought-after game among betting enthusiasts. The game has emerged as a phenomenon due to its simple gameplay and high winning rates. However, those who have never played it may wonder what Sicbo is and how to play it. Therefore, the following article win tips bet will introduce Sicbo to fellow bettors at a leading reputable betting house.

Overview of the Sicbo Game

Sicbo, also known as Tai Xiu, is a traditional game that has been around for a long time in China. The game is associated with three six-sided dice, each side having dots representing numbers from 1 to 6.

Initially, the rules of Sicbo were quite simple, with only two betting options: Tai (Big) and Xiu (Small). The scoring is based on the results of the three dice after they are shaken. This simple gameplay makes it accessible to people of all ages and genders, contributing to its widespread popularity across China and eventually to neighboring countries, including Vietnam.

In the 18th century, Western countries invaded Asia, and along with their aim to seize land and goods, they also brought the Sicbo game back to their homeland. From there, Sicbo became known worldwide. It is one of the most favored games that cannot be absent in international-class casinos.

Sicbo Online Rules

In Sicbo online, the house places three dice in a glass bowl on a motorized cushion. When the game starts, the dealer presses a button to activate the motor, which shakes the dice. Players directly observe the dice tumbling until they stop in the bowl.

Diverse and Attractive Online Sicbo Rules

Previously, Sicbo had simple rules with only two betting options: Big and Small. Today, Sicbo online offers up to 41 betting options, providing players with a variety of choices to increase their winning chances. You might be wondering what these options are and how the payout rates work, right?

Big/Small Bet: If the total points of the three dice range from 11 to 17, it is a Big bet. If the total points range from 4 to 10, it is a Small bet. The payout for this bet is 1:1.

Even/Odd Bet: If the total points of the three dice are even numbers, it is an Even bet. Conversely, if the result is odd numbers, it is an Odd bet. The payout rate is similar to the Big/Small bet at 1:1.

Total Points Bet: Players bet on the exact total of the three dice. There are 14 betting options in this type, each with different payout rates.

Double Bet: There are six options for this bet. Players predict that two out of the three dice will show the same number. This bet has a higher payout rate of 1:8.

Single Dice Bet: Predict the numbers on the three dice. The payout depends on the number of dice showing the predicted number, with rates of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3.

Combination Bet: Players predict the exact numbers on two out of the three dice. This bet has 15 options with a payout rate of 1:5.

Any Triple Bet: Predict that the three dice will show the same number. The payout rate is 1:30.

Specific Triple Bet: Players predict the exact number on the three dice, with all three dice showing the same number. There are six options corresponding to the six sides of the dice. This is a rare outcome, so the payout is very high at 1:150.

Why You Should Play Sicbo Online

There are many betting houses offering Sicbo at bookmaker site. However, playing at a reputable betting house provides attractive benefits that not all houses can offer. Sicbo online is authentically simulated in every detail. Here, players will accompany hundreds of fellow bettors sharing the same passion, learning practical experience.

The betting house invests meticulously in images, sounds, content, and services. Clear images and smooth audio transmission without any interference allow players to observe every action of the house.

Experience High-Class Sicbo Online at THABET Betting House

The flexible transaction system offers various methods for players to choose from. The staff is professionally trained in both expertise and technique, ready to answer players' questions 24/7 with dedication and friendliness. Especially when participating in Sicbo online, players can also admire the beautiful and hot dealers.

The betting house continuously upgrades and renews its appearance to keep up with trends. With its reputation and 10 years of experience in online betting, it promises to be an ideal destination for Sicbo online enthusiasts.


Over time, Sicbo online has always been an exciting betting game loved by many. To win consistently, besides understanding the gameplay, bettors should learn from experienced players. So why wait any longer? Visit greece betting sites to experience world-class Sicbo online. "Customer is king" – the betting house always aims to provide the best experience and help players achieve high profits.


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