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Understanding What Is a Booking Bet? How to Calculate and Predict the Most Accurate Booking Odds

Booking bets are among the popular types of wagers offered on soccer betting websites. However, if you're used to traditional betting methods, you might not be familiar with this type of late night football tips

This article aims to provide a detailed understanding of what booking bets entail and how to effectively engage in this form of betting. We've noticed that many bettors focus solely on booking bets and achieve significant wins.

What Are Booking Bets?

Booking bets, also known as Total Bookings, or commonly referred to as yellow card bets or red card bets, involve predicting the number of yellow and red cards that will be issued in a match.

Regardless of the outcome of the match, whether a win or loss for either team, it doesn't affect the outcome of this type of bet.

Many bettors prefer booking bets because they are relatively easy to predict and can be based on various factors such as the nature of the match, head-to-head history, player characteristics, starting lineups, tactics, and more. These additional factors add complexity and excitement compared to traditional goal-oriented betting.

In a match, bettors can predict the number of yellow and red cards in either half or the entire game, depending on the options provided by each bookmaker.

Overall, the simplicity of play and attractive rewards are the main advantages of this type of bet.

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A simple strategy is to bet on matches with less decisive characteristics, where fair play is more likely to prevail, resulting in fewer bookings. In contrast, matches with intense competition and high stakes tend to have more bookings.

Additionally, there are other strategies that bettors can consider to predict bookings more accurately.

Types of Booking Bets in Soccer

Booking bets go beyond merely predicting the number of yellow and red cards in a match; they are diversified based on different betting markets such as handicap bookings, Asian bookings, and over/under bookings.

a) Asian Handicap Booking Bets

Similar to Asian Handicap betting, Asian Handicap Booking Bets involve both favorite and underdog teams.

Bookmakers set odds for booking bets, allowing bettors to compare the number of bookings between the two teams, akin to comparing the number of goals in traditional handicap betting.

The payout calculation for this bet is based on the final result, and winnings are awarded immediately after the official 90-minute match duration.

Asian Handicap Booking Bets can be offered for both halves or the entire match, with variations such as yellow card handicap and red card handicap.

The odds are set by the bookmaker and may fluctuate throughout the match. This information is typically displayed on the betting odds board.

Each yellow card or red card is worth a certain number of points (e.g., red card = 2 points, yellow card = 1 point), and the total points determine the outcome of the bet.

For example, if a player receives one yellow card in the first half and another in the second half resulting in a red card, they would accumulate a total of 3 points.

The payout varies depending on the bookmaker and the difficulty of the bet.

b) Over/Under Booking Bets

Over/Under Booking Bets, also known as O/U bets, involve predicting the total number of cards issued in a match for both teams.

Bookmakers set a line representing the expected total number of cards, and bettors wager on whether the actual number will be over or under that line.

Players can bet on the outcome for either half or the entire match.

Payouts are typically settled either at the end of the match or immediately after the official 90-minute duration.

Other Exciting Booking Bet Options

In addition to the aforementioned popular booking bets, there are other intriguing betting options, including:

Predicting the first or last card for a specific team.

Predicting the color of the first or last card.

Predicting whether the total number of cards for each team will be odd or even.

Predicting the minute when a card will be issued.

Predicting which player will receive a card, etc.

The odds offered by different bookmakers for the same match can vary. Moreover, within the same match, odds may change at different times.

Calculating Booking Bet Winnings

The formula to calculate winnings for booking bets is as follows:

Total Profit = Wager Amount x Booking Odds

For example, if you place a booking bet with odds of 0.75 and a wager of $100, the potential profit would be: $100 x 0.75 = $75.

Understanding odds is crucial for making informed betting decisions. They provide valuable insights from bookmakers, aiding in rational wagering.

Tips for Successful Booking Bet Wagering

To enhance your chances of winning booking bets, consider the following valuable tips:

Thoroughly study the playing style of players from both teams; aggressive players are more likely to receive bookings.

Review the booking history of teams in previous matches; if a player has already received a yellow card, they may exercise caution in subsequent matches.

Assess the nature of the match; knockout matches tend to have higher booking rates compared to friendly matches.

Analyze the playing style dictated by each team's coach; offensive or defensive strategies can influence the number of bookings.

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Research the match referee; experienced referees may have different officiating styles that impact booking rates.

Predicting booking statistics for a match involves numerous variables, making outcomes unpredictable. If the actual number of bookings deviates from your expectations, consider hedging your bets for added security.


The above guide provides comprehensive insights into calculating booking bet wagers in soccer betting. This type of bet adds excitement to matches, especially during intense moments of fouls and clashes between teams. The dynamics of booking bets differ from other types of bets, offering unique opportunities for betting enthusiasts. Explore additional guides on online soccer betting for further information.


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