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Compilation of Football Betting Terminology for Beginners

Football betting terminology consists of specialized words commonly found in football betting games. To become a master in this game, players need to remember these terms when participating. Let's delve deeper into specialized football betting terminology through the following article with bet win tips!

Basic Football Betting Terminology

In today's football betting market, gaming portals and bookmakers offer players a variety of betting options such as Asian handicap, European handicap, over/under odds, etc. To easily participate in these types of bets, beginners need to grasp the following basic football betting terminology:

Asian Handicap (AH)

One of the most attractive types of bets for many gamers is the Asian Handicap. This type of bet involves several football betting terms, making it somewhat challenging for beginners to start. To participate more conveniently, players need to remember the following common terms:

Handicap (HDP): This is the Asian Handicap, which involves the stronger team giving a handicap to the weaker team according to the bookmaker top odds.

Odds: The ratio that can be converted to pay out the bet.

Over/Under: Also known as Over/Under odds.

Full Win: Winning the entire bet amount.

Full Loss: Losing the entire bet amount.

Half Win: Winning half of the bet amount.

Half Loss: Losing half of the bet amount.

HT or Half Time: The end of the first half or the end of half the match.

FT or Full Time: The end of both halves of the match.

ET or Extra Time: Additional time for overtime.

PEN: Penalty kicks.

Correct Score (CS) Bet: Betting on the exact score of the match.

Running Bet: Betting while the match is in progress.

Over/Under Betting Terminology

Over/Under betting is a popular type of bet, and it also has some football betting terminology that is quite easy to understand, similar to Asian Handicap. When participating in football betting with Over/Under odds, it's important to understand some key terms:

Over Bet: The bettor can place an over bet if they predict that the total number of goals scored will be higher than what the bookmaker predicts.

Under Bet: The bettor should place an under bet if they predict that the number of goals scored will be lower than what the bookmaker predicts.

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Football Betting Terminology in European Handicap

The football betting terminology in European handicap betting is concise and easy to remember. If you regularly participate in European handicap betting, you cannot overlook the following terms:

1x2 Odds: Betting odds in European handicap betting.

1: Betting on the home team to score.

2: Betting on the away team to score.

X: Betting on both teams to draw.

1x: Betting on a draw or win for the home team.

2x: Betting on a draw or win for the away team.

Other Common Online Football Betting Terminology

When participating in online betting, we often encounter other common football betting terms. These terms are used frequently by betting enthusiasts and have a wide range of communication. If you're a fan of football betting online, you'll often encounter the following football betting terms:

Chị cái (Big Sister): Refers to the bookmaker.

Main Matches: Matches in famous tournaments like the World Cup, Euro, La Liga.

Running: Refers to matches that are currently in progress.

Bet on Over: A round that only requires one goal to be scored to win.

Tạch (Busted): Losing a bet.

Standing Still: Refers to matches with little excitement, boring.

Cash Out: Gathering all available funds to place a bet.

Fearful: Fearful, hesitant.

Value Bet: A bet with attractive odds, high winning chances.

Rotten Bet: A bet with no chance of winning.

Burnt Account: Account depleted due to placing all bets.

Same Prediction: Gamers with similar predictions.

Showhand: A term used when placing heavy bets, betting with all available capital.

Dump Bet: When a match seems unwinnable, reversing the bet to give up.

Bone Release: A type of bet with little chance of winning.

Bone Chew: Difficult bets, seeing difficult bets so reversing the bet.

Oxygen Breathing: About to lose the bet.

Mop Up: A bet with very low payout odds, difficult to win.

Dead Ball: Putting all bet capital on the losing team.

Explode: A match with goals scored.

Withered Bet: Losing hope in the betting odds.

Lukewarm: Dull match, no excitement.

Offshore: Refers to those who stop playing due to depleted betting funds.

Shake: To play vigorously, play until the end.

Lay: Using a certain amount of bet capital to invest in multiple matches simultaneously to reduce the odds of winning and increase the chances of winning the bet.

Shake: Having the opposite meaning of "Explode," no goals scored.


The above article covers all the information about football betting terminology that every beginner needs to know. Hopefully, through this content, you can grasp these terms to apply when participating in betting. Wishing all betting enthusiasts can enjoy complete relaxation during their leisure time!


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